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img_0116 I began a theme for the iPhone,
will make it the most complete possible obviously. Shots to come in next days.

Meanwhile, i found at Teenhanlax.com a blue Print of what they expect to be the next generation LockScreen for iPhone.
I’ts very good looking design and also in perfect matching with the new theme i’m designing.
So as i noticed this project could be accomplished by theming the famous LockInfo.

Here is the resulting screenshot on my iPhone:
All credits go to the owners. I did mod a lots of things, but Teenhanlax.com did the design,
Gruppled made most of the Lockinfo theme.
What i did was basically makeups.

I will post a winterboard .theme file as sonn as i’m sure it’s finished.


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8 Responses to Post: “LockInfo theme: 235_teehanlax”

  1. prince Says:

    I want this file!!

  2. admin Says:

    Still working on it, i have some issues with the weather code..
    seems i’m not that much into Ajax/JS lately!

  3. Andersen Says:

    1. how do i get it to show danish wheather

    2. how do i get the 24H clock since on mine it only showes a 12 H AM / PM clock.

  4. Martin Says:

    Very very nice. When will the theme file be released?

  5. ame235 Says:

    @Andersen: answered in comments and page here:

    @Martin: I saw you got the right page in the end ;)

  6. JarjarT Says:

    Very Nice theme, just installed via Cydia, not all that familliar with .css. How can I get the Todo plugin to work with this Theme ?

  7. Sorin Says:

    Great work. I installed this theme (235 tee….). Now the email preview on Lockinfo is not available anymore. Any pointer would be appreciatted.

  8. ame235 Says:

    Comments closed here.
    please head at latest posts: