Written by: ame235

img_0116 Today is release date!
here is the theme i made for LockInfo and based on Teehanlax.com Design.
1. Yes, you need a Jailbroken iPhone.

2. You need to install winterboard / LockInfo / Lockscreen Clock Hide / Lockscreen Dim Delay, from Cydia installer.

-x you should pay for LockInfo, (you also shouldn’t have “jailbreak” your iPhone.) x-

3. Download 235_teehanlax_Lockinfo.theme.zip and place the .theme file contained in this zip in: /Library/Themes/
-Special Danish version thnx to Joost(included in the update)

4. Edit: as “Andersen” asked, you need to edit configs for your Country/Language!!
so open .theme file, go to Bundles/com.ashman.LockInfo/ and edit config.js, there are lots of configs very well explained.

5. Finally activate the theme from winterboard.

If you see something that shouldn’t be, tell me.
If you need any help, tell me (without any promise) XD

As I already said, all credits go to the respective owners. I DID mod a lots of things, but Teenhanlax.com did the design,
Gruppled made most of the Lockinfo theme.

BTW, little preview for the complete .theme i’m creating for iPhone: MADE_IN.theme preview

Submitted to the BigBoss cydia repo, A P R O V E D
you can fing it under name: Lockinfo 235_teehanlax Theme. ;)

Click on the banners to support my work.

If you like my work,
please consider
a donation ;)

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97 Responses to Post: “Lockinfo Theme Release”

  1. Andersen Says:

    how do i get the wether in denmark to be showen

    how do i change time to show as a 24H clock and not 12 houer ??

    Els nice theme

  2. Martin Says:

    WOW! Very nice. Thanks man.

  3. ame235 Says:

    oky i tought this was obvious, you’re right, it’s not.
    here you go:

    Open .theme file, go to Bundles/com.ashman.LockInfo/ and edit config.js

    there are lots of configs very well explained. Language is the first one (but i don’t think danish is included… still you can translate manually 20 strings in Strings/en.js file)
    and weather icon could be configured in the end of the doc (instructions there)

  4. Martin Says:

    You are the man! Thx!

  5. Martin Says:

    Is the theme out on any repo? Right now im at work and cant ssh to my iphone, but im dying to try it out :-)

  6. ame235 Says:

    Well if you know wher i shoul put it on repo…
    i’ll ask for my favourite websites.

  7. Martin Says:

    I found a way to get it uploaded via cable. And playing ariund with it, made me come up with some questions:

    1. As Andersen asked, where do you change time format to 24h instead of am/pm? I cant seem to find that option.

    2. How do you remove the text saying fx “begins in 4h 27 minutes”in the calendar?

  8. Martin Says:

    And to answer my own question 1:

    Change to this in en.js:

    // Time/date (see http://php.net/date for format syntax)
    var format_time = “H:i”;
    var clock_format_time = “H:i”;

  9. ame235 Says:

    Was just going to answer.. ;)

    2nd question: dunno, that isn’t displaying in my configuration..
    would you please be more precise? (or maybe this is just a calendar entry you have in your calendar??)

  10. ame235 Says:

    Oh, Martin, submitted theme to bigboss repo. (waiting for approval i immagine.)

  11. Joost Says:

    Nice – thx mate!

  12. Martin Says:

    Ame235: i figured out how to remove the “begins in…” bit is there a way to remove the end time (or both start and end time) at the calendar entrys?

    Like the ones in red here : http://www.billedeupload.dk/upload/files/2009-12/d2283819.jpg

  13. Martin Says:

    And perhaps a way to remove the hi and lo temperatures in beneath the weather icon?
    I use the windchill temperatur so the hi and lo seems wierd :-)

  14. Martin Says:

    And another question: How do you get Birthdays to show up with the orange dot?

    I know i ask a lot of questions :-)

    And btw: please let us know when the theme gets accepted to the bigboss repo.

  15. ame235 Says:

    Martin, birhdays should already display in the right way.
    (they do in the debug file i used)
    btw the setting is in style.css near the end of file. (still well commented :P )

    #Calendar .sub.birthday

  16. Andersen Says:

    Martin how did you remove the normal lockscreen clock ??

    and how did you get copenhagen in

    and last my calender still show AM / PM time how did you fix that ??

  17. Joost Says:

    You need;/Forudsætningen er at følgende er installeret:
    3 programmer/plugins fra samme mand i Cydia;

    1. LockInfo – koster 5 USD (1 md.s trial)
    2. Lockscreen Clock Hide – gemmer det defaulte ur.
    3. Lockscreen Dim Delay – giver op til 60 sekunder.

  18. Andersen Says:

    Takker joost

    Thanks Joost :D

    all i need now is for it to show Odense and not næstved ;)
    how do i change that

  19. Joost Says:

    Love this AME235 – the only “fault” is the colours are wrong – I sync with 5 different Googlecal.s and in LockInfo the colours are correct, but in your very nice theme it makes them wrong.

    How could I correct this?

  20. Joost Says:


    In the file js.config file you have to change down below in the Weather Settings from “Næstved, DK” to “Odense, DK” and save the file.

  21. ame235 Says:

    i wasnt even aware of such a colour problem, i think the most simple solution is to just rename the images (calendar:green/birthday:orange/star:gray/paper:blue) in order to match. If you just tell me the correct colours i’ll do that ;)

  22. Andersen Says:

    And it is now all perfect for me :D

  23. ame235 Says:

    Happy to hear that,
    and thnx to Joost for all his precisions ;)

  24. Joost Says:

    Its allright ame235 – YOU made it all happen – thx – works superb for me!

  25. Martin Says:

    ame235: I am still having some problems with the birthdays. Justto be sure, it uses the birthdays from the contacts right?

    And does anyone know how to remove the end time from the appointments in the calendar?

    Once again, thanks for a great great theme.

  26. Hannes Says:

    Thanks for the great theme. Where can I say that incomming sms and phone calls should be displayed folded?


  27. Joost Says:

    @Hannes In the js.config file – changing – true or false

    @Martin Endtime is also edited in js-config changing – true or false

  28. Martin Says:

    Joost: i cant seem to find that option in the config file. Could you give me a hint on what to search for?

  29. ame235 Says:

    @Martin: for completely removing the End time string, yo have to mod a bit more the code:
    in file lockinfo.js, at lines 431 and 434 search for string “string_ends_prefix”.
    You can just comment out line 431, but you will have to mod line 434 for the events that already began.

  30. Hannes Says:

    @Joost: At what item I have to change it?

  31. Martin Says:

    Ame235: There seems to be a little problem with the weather temperature. If the temperature changes while the phone is in standby it doesnt remove the old temperature cifre. So sometimes it has fx. 6 and 7 on top of eachother.

    Is there a fix for this?

  32. Joost Says:

    @Martin – Yeah I have the same experince – when it updates the weather the “old” temp. stays, and the new updated temp. is on top – looks akward…

  33. Joost Says:

    @Hannes Should be here;

    // Collapse or expand main sections by default; comment-out or set to false to expand…

    // To collapse a section by default, remove the “//” at the beginning of the line

    var defaultCollapsed = {







    // “Weather”:true,

  34. The Spirit Says:

    hi. thank´s a lot for the great theme. i managed to show the calender. but it is very offcenter to the right side. what do i have to change in order to fix this?

  35. The Spirit Says:

    oh, i mean the monthly calender which is turned off by default

  36. ame235 Says:

    @The Spirit: add to style.css #Month this: “margin-left: -15px;”
    so it looks like tis in the end:
    /* Monthly Calendar */
    #Month {
    margin-left: -15px;

    should do the trick, (it’s just a trick not a right solution) it will look centered.

  37. The Spirit Says:

    thanks a lot. works great.
    i allready tried some coding within the css but not at the right place. i´m not very familiar with css.
    but now it looks like i want it to.
    hope to see some more coming from you

  38. ame235 Says:

    MADE_IN.theme is the nex addon ;)

  39. Korens Says:

    LOVE this LockInfo look but need to know how do I set to have an image in the background insted of the black screen I have now.


  40. Peter Says:

    In my iphone it only shows callendar, none of the other items are showns. How do I enable them?

  41. rje Says:

    It says here, “there are lots of configs very well explained”. Explained where? I don’t know how to add my country and city code, and what else do I have to configure?

  42. ulstein Says:

    I have the same problem as Peter: In my iphone it only shows callendar, none of the other items are showns. How do I enable them?

    I have not made any changes to any config files, so they should be enabled by default?? Should they not?


  43. Joost Says:

    @Peter, ulstein

    It only shows when you get an email, SMS, phonecall….

  44. ame235 Says:

    For help on configuring this theme, this is the only answer left i have! there are more than 136 pages of questions on the Gruppled code (which is the base of this skin) solved for 90% of them.

  45. Jon Says:

    Great theme – and great help on the edits. THANK YOU!

  46. Ido Says:

    hey, can someone pls help me confing the theme to Hebrew and city weather to tel aviv? also i need the clock set to 24h.
    Can i get some help?

  47. Ido Says:

    how to i change the weather to tel aviv israel?
    when i put it like this: “tel-aviv ,israel” i got noghting….

  48. Jon Says:

    OK – here is a good one: How can I make this awesome theme show additional LockInfo plugins, ie: ToDo and Twitter?

  49. brian Says:

    is there a way to get the twitter timeline to show up with this? it won’t do it on mine

  50. Joost Says:



  51. ken Says:

    works great … thanks

  52. gruppler Says:

    If you’re going to take my work and give credit to someone else, at least remove my email address so people stop wasting my time with questions about your mod.

  53. gruppler Says:

    My mistake, I see you explained who did what at the bottom, but still, please redirect questions to YOU, not to me. I am tired of trying to help people with problems I didn’t create.

  54. Ido Says:

    thank you joost
    now im trying to put everything in hebrew :)

  55. Peter Says:

    Amazing work! Congrats! :D

    How can I change the weather location to Lisboa, Portugal?

  56. ame235 Says:

    @Peter: replace
    [ "EUR|LU|LU003|LUXEMBOURG" ];
    [ "EUR|PT|PO012|LISBON" ];

    But please guys. Invest one sec to search/read tutorials, and you’ll realize you have lots of potential in that thing called brain!

  57. Michael Says:

    Seems my screen won’t scroll down. Is this normal or a problem and if a problem how can i fix it? When I hold my finger down it does move up but when released it goes back to the top. This is very annoying as I have a ton of appts but can not read them because no scroll.

  58. nicky Says:

    Love the theme, Great job! Im wondering if i have an problem with my weather icon its not changing from cloudy. Is anyone having the same problem? or is this normal?

  59. Adrinano Says:

    hello, thank you for the wonderful theme.
    I’ve studied a little the code and wanted to show the forecast for the week like Lockinfo does. Saw this code line and supposed was the right one to change

    // Limit the number of days to display (also limited by the weather source; 7 seems to be the max)
    var weatherDayLimit = 7;

    but I don’t see any differences. Am I forgetting something or simply it doesn’t work for now?

  60. ame235 Says:

    that’s because it cannot be done with my theme.
    even if i left the setting there, it won’t be considered.

  61. Adrinano Says:

    thank you… I’m checking the differences to see if I can make some changes and make it possible… Of course in that case I’ll send them to you if you want to add them :)

  62. nicky Says:

    I also have no scroll… anyone figure out how to get it working?

  63. bryce Says:


    Yesterday it was snowing and raining for hours but it showed it was sunny for hours. I went to accuweather.com & it said it was snowing and raining. The area & temperature was correct it was the weather icon that was wrong.

    Too bad I had to turn this theme off. I really like the look of it. Hope there is an update to make it work 100%….

  64. Nacopeja Says:

    This is a wonderful theme…! amazing!!
    but i’ve problem..

    I can’t change the language from “en” to “it”… i do the change in the string but it doesn’t work…

  65. ame235 Says:

    Beh, io stesso lo uso in italiano o_O! Sei sicuro di aver fatto tutto bene? XD

  66. Nacopeja Says:

    C’è la stringa in “en” da cambiare con “it” all’inizio ed una alla fine che se non la cambio da errore… dove sbaglio?
    sono anni che non smano con questi linguaggi sono molto arruginito…

  67. Adrinano Says:

    io ho risolto il problema dell’it… se vai a leggere il file it dentro la cartella string ci sono delle virgolette di troppo su due righe e quindi non è corretto… per questo continua ad usare l’inglese… ora non ho il file davanti ma se non lo trovi da solo fammi sapere e ti spiego meglio

    nel frattempo sto cercando una soluzione per il refresh della temperatura… mi si sovrascrive sempre e dopo mezza giornata invece del numero ho un bel quadratino bianco dato dall’aggiungersi di numeri uno sopra all’altro… avete idee? direi di far refresciare tutto il pezzo e non solo il valore ma ancora non ho letto per bene il codice

  68. Nacopeja Says:


    risolto il problemma della lingua.. sbagliavo una stringa del config.js … :)

    il problema che dici tu per ora non l’ho riscontrato.. tutta via sempre per il tempo.. non trovo la mia città (che è presente nel meteo apple) mentre da http://accuweather.com non la trovo.. non capisco se fa riferimento a quel sito per il meteo o da dove.. e se è possibile cambiarlo.. per il refresh mi pare si possa cambiare l’intervallo…

  69. Martin Says:

    My italian aint that good, but it seems that you guys are talking about the temp. on top of eachother right?
    Have you found a solution?

  70. Joost Says:

    @Martin Its the only fault to date – no one seems to have the answer? ame235 is it a codingfault?

  71. Nyxe26 Says:

    Thanks for this theme.

    Question : is it possible to displays events who arrived in the future?and not those of the moment?

    2nd questions : is it possible to recover the time yahoo weather and not AccuWeather?

  72. The Spirit Says:

    i have still a problem.
    most of the time, the weather info doesn´t update. it only overwrites itself.
    so i have a lot of number for temperature and a lot of images stacked over each other.
    what do i have to do in order to work correct?
    at the moment, the only solution is to do a respring of the springboard

  73. ruben_miami Says:

    Hi everyone, I’m another one stuck with the weather icon and the temperature number stacked etc..
    Honestly the layout is very attractive, still not completely accurate and fast as lockinfo in the native format, besides the chunk of memory that takes, still….the nice clock and weather layout is a killer.
    Also I got Twitter up and running with this theme, not to my credit, got it from here http://xsellize.com/showthread.php/73900-Twitter-support-for-Gruppled-Theme.

    So, for now seems that I will live in the cloud (icon) and with a ** degrees until this is fix…lol.

  74. L0ghan Says:

    I’ve installed the 3 soft from cydia :
    1. LockInfo
    2. Lockscreen Clock Hide
    3. Lockscreen Dim Delay

    and i’ve installed the theme from cydia to :
    Lockinfo 235_teehanlax Theme

    But all i have on screen is nothing ……my clock is hide because of “Lockscreen Clock Hide” softbut nothing apperaed and i’ve only check Lockinfo 235_teehanlax Theme in winterboard

    What did i missed ???
    Is Lockinfo 235_teehanlax Theme only the theme for winterboard and i have to install the package too ?


  75. theNEOone Says:

    Also experiencing the multiple temps stacked on top of each other…Also, I had adjusted my LockInfo js so that the “(In 3 Days)(1)” information on the calendar wouldn’t show. However, I can’t get config.js to play nice and displays this info regardless of what I change…any tips?

  76. theNEOone Says:

    I figured out how to change the (In 3 Days)(1) nonsense….other issue still exists regarding images being stacked on top of each other.

    Also, where do I change the alignment of the mail section? I’d like to have the Subject Aligned left – the fact that everything is indented makes the information much less legible….


  77. razzmatrazz Says:

    This is really awesome. The only issue I am having is the weather doesn’t seem to be correct for the zip code I am putting in. Can anyone give me a suggestion as to what I am doing wrong here?

    TIA :)

  78. Ido Says:

    hi is there any chance that someone will explain to me how to config. facebook on the lockscreen?

  79. G-Point Says:

    First of all nice Job ame235. This Lockscreen rocks.
    Secondly for the ones who have Problems with the Weather. If you are living in a Town with a special char like üöä, etc in it, you should use the International Name of your Town. e.g. München -> Munich, …

    I think this caused most of the Problems with the overriding weather dates etc.

    Waiting for the full theme (especially for the Background)


  80. Jim Says:

    Great job implementing Geoff Teehan’s idea. It really looks slick.

    I too have the temperatures overwriting previous ones. The only way I can find to refresh is to respring which is not a great option. I do not have a special town name as G-Point mentioned. It would be great to have a solution.

  81. Las Pecas Says:

    Hey guys (and of course girls) is there a way to display “silent mode activated” like the one of lockinfo (and matte ui)? That’s the only thing i’m missing about that theme everything else working great for me

  82. Las Pecas Says:

    i have an icon for silent mode but i need a little bit of codeing

  83. dmeerpa Says:

    Other the the temp that’s overriding each other I also had the incorrect weather icon. I got a sun, when it was MOSTLY CLOUDY (correspondig code : 07)

    After a little searching I changed the following in the wheater.js file

    in :

    Now i’m getting the right icon. Still no sollution found for the temp problem.

  84. Kaio Says:

    I would like to get the lockbackground in your preview pic.

    would it be possible plz?

  85. ame235 Says:

    I will make the whole theme available in few days… All of the planets backgrounds Will be shared ;)

  86. Las Pecas Says:

    hi ame235
    what about the silent mode? will you include this “feature”?

  87. ame235 Says:

    looked at it, this is feature that is not included in LockInfo,
    after reading some forums, that is achieved in themes like “MatteUI” by mixing up lockinfo features and statusNotifier features.
    The teehanlax trick looks complicated enough to me for not adding one more program to it…
    I won’t make this available unless it comes in lockinfo.

  88. aquadat0r Says:

    hi, looks great, one problem, after following the steps and installing everything I only see the time and weather on my lockscreen. The calender. calls, sms etc does not show, can you please help me

  89. ame235 Says:

    they will show up only if they are some pending: it shows missed calls, unread e-mails..missed sms… ;)
    otherwise look at the lockinfo prefs in preferences:Lockinfo, could be a reason also.

  90. aquadat0r Says:

    Thank you, problem resolved, items were not enabled in Lockinfo

  91. aquadat0r Says:

    On last question, what do I need to change in the theme to be able to make use of the weather plugin in lockinfo?

  92. ame235 Says:

    the weather shows up o tehe theme, why use that plugin?
    anyways, no it’s not available on the theme.

  93. Las Pecas Says:

    hi ame,
    on the page:http://macthemes.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=16799453&p=4 I found a image posted by SkyJohn where you can see the “silent mode” there you also can download the version. I don’t know if it could help you. if not no problem at all
    keep up the good work

  94. ame235 Says:

    I read: “Status Notifier needs to be installed to make the InfoScreen widget work”
    as i notice people can’t even understand how to change their weather locaion…how will they understand how to configure that ?!
    this should be simple. it’s already too complicated, not for me but for all the people asking questions,
    again here: http://macthemes.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=474733
    you need status notifier for that.
    i’d be glad to create a complete theme with simple configs..that involves lots of programming: i think you’d better wait for “Elements” which will solve it all. 235 theehanlax lockinfo theme was made becaus i wouldn’t wait for it that long.. but it’s just a patch ;)

  95. Brildes Says:

    Any news about the weather icon and the temperature number stacked ?

  96. ame235 Says:

    Theme has been updated, for comments, head here:

    Comments closed on this thread.